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Welcome To The Homestead at Powell Ranch

Welcome to The Homestead at Powell Ranch! We want to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible, so please take a moment to read the following information about the house and available amenities.


Front Door & Guest Access:

A unique code has been programmed for you to access the home, usually the last four digits of the booking party’s phone number. You have received a message via your booking platform with this code prior to your arrival. Simply enter your code, wait for the green check mark, and the door will unlock. To lock the door upon leaving, simply press the SCHLAGE button at the top of the keypad.

Please note: Do NOT lock the lower handle when leaving. Please utilize the keypad-controlled deadbolt lock only!


For Your Convenience:

We want The Homestead to feel like your home away from home! To make your stay more comfortable basic household essentials have been provided for you. Under the kitchen sink you will find various cleaning products, garbage bags, dishwasher tablets, dish soaps and sponges, and other basics. Additionally, bath tissue, paper towels, and other essentials have been stocked for your use. Please take note that these items are accessible to children and take appropriate precautions. Garbage cans are located in the garage. Please place all refuse inside the provided cans only. A propane grill is provided for use on the front patio. Please note that NO FLAME of any kind is permitted elsewhere.


Smoking On Premises:

Friends, this is important! Colorado is a beautiful place, but we are very susceptible to wildfires, especially in local drought seasons. Absolutely no open flame is permitted, with the exception of the propane grill located on the front patio.

That said, we understand that many visiting us choose to take advantage of Colorado’s recreational use. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the house. However, smoking is permitted on the front patio of the home. You will find a large, metal trashcan with lid located there. Please dispose of all ash and smoking materials in this can only, and ensure the lid is on at all times.

Do not dispose of any smoking materials in the grass or by disposing of the lit portion anywhere but the metal can provided. Doing so can and will start a fire. Any violations of these policies regarding smoking on the premises will cause your stay to be immediately terminated.



The home features a smart thermostat that will automatically enter heating or cooling mode based on need to reach desired temperature. To adjust the temperature please use the slider on the right side of the thermostat display.


Fireplace Use:

The wood-burning fireplace is a wonderful way to end the day! For your safety and comfort, please follow the information provided here to ensure proper use. Firewood, kindling, and a fire-starter are provided for you with your booking. Should you require additional wood, it is available for purchase on-site.  Please contact your hosts and it will be delivered to the house at once!

To use the fireplace, ensure that the glass doors are fully open and the grate is in the rearmost position. Directly above the fireplace is a control knob which controls the fireplace flue damper. To open the damper, turn the knob to the right until it is lined up with the “open” text above the knob. Do not turn the knob all the way to the right as it will overextend and may cause smoke to vent improperly.

Place your kindling, fire-starter, and 2-3 logs (dependent on size) on the grate in the rearmost position. Simply light the fire-starter in it’s package to ensure a bustling fire! Fireplace tools are provided on the wood rack next to the fireplace. While in use, close the metal screens to prevent embers from escaping the fireplace.

The fireplace does have an internal fan, controlled by the small knob directly beneath the fireplace. Please do NOT turn on this fan. When leaving the fireplace unattended or attempting to extinguish the fire at the end of the night, please leave the flue damper control open, and close both the metal screens and glass doors. This will ensure safe containment while the fire dies.

Should the fireplace require cleaning during your stay, please contact your hosts and we will take care of it for you as quickly as possible!



Hydrotherapy Spa Use:

Soak baby, soak! Our brand-new hydrotherapy tub is always set to 104 degrees to ensure it’s ready for your use, day or night! To ensure proper operation and enjoyable use, please note the following:

To Open For Use: There are 4 clips securing the cover to the spa. Two are located in the front and the other two in the rear. Please unclip ALL 4 CLIPS before opening the cover. Next, simply lift from the front to open the first half of the cover. Lastly, gently lift the folded cover and it will retract fully. Please be careful when opening and closing the cover as extreme high or low temperatures can stress the unit.

Settings & Controls:  The spa is set to 104 degrees at all times. Please do not turn down the temperature. Many guests assume doing so saves electricity and is more environmentally friendly. However, this is not the case. Use the digital display to turn the jets on or off and to control the lighting. Please do not make any other adjustments to the settings. When finished using the spa, please ensure that the jets and lights are off.

To Properly Close: Please close the cover by reversing the steps used to open. Also, please be sure to resecure ALL 4 CLIPS after closing the cover. Lastly, please close the cover whenever the spa is not in use to continue energy-efficient operation and maintain the temperature for later use.

Please Note: Use the hydrotherapy spa at your own risk. Please do not use when under the control of intoxicating substances. Guests under the age of 18 must be attended by an adult at all times when using the spa. Do not use any oils, bath bombs or additives, or lubricants in the spa. Doing so will result in a $250 cleaning fee.


Safe Enjoyment of the Property:

The Homestead is located on Powell Ranch, our family-owned and operated property. The property is home to Castle Rock Woodworks and TakeAway Tables, located in the large shop building on the property. Additionally, there are cattle, sheep, horses, and chickens that may be on premises during your stay. Please, feel free to explore the property and enjoy the animals! However, do not enter any enclosures, pastures, or gated areas not attached to the home. Lastly, please do not allow children to enter or play in the barn or other outbuildings on the property.

Should you wish to get closer to the animals, schedule a horseback ride, or wish to arrange for other special experiences during your stay, your hosts will be more than happy to assist with those accommodations!


Checkout Procedures:

We’re sorry to see your stay coming to an end! Please note the following in preparing for your departure:

  • Please load all dirty dishes and kitchenware in the dishwasher.
  • Set the thermostat to 65 degrees if furnace in use. Please set to 75 degrees if air conditioning in use.
  • Ensure that both the upstairs and basement patio doors are fully closed and locked.
  • Hydrotherapy spa should be off, covered, and clips secured.
  • Please leave all used towels on the master bathroom floor.
  • Make one final pass through the house to ensure you haven’t forgotten any personal items!


To Contact Your Hosts:

Should you require any assistance during your stay, please contact your hosts by phone or text message in the following order.

Jerry                     720-320-7300

Chad                     720-416-8700

Heather               720-308-7888


Thank you for staying at The Homestead at Powell Ranch! We hope your stay has been memorable and look forward to hosting you again in the future. Upon checking in, please CLICK HERE to send us an email confirming you have received, read, and understood the information provided. This email serves as confirmation that you agree to the policies detailed here.

Be Well,

The Powell Family


WiFi Access:

Network: powell_ranch_guest

Password: W3lc0me1